1000 Questions For Couples

What is 1000 Questions for Couples? This is a good book that can be read in your spare time, a tea time company to remind you of the day you start your relationship with your partner. This is the book that is going to provide you with a huge amount of questions to ask your partner. 

What's inside the book?
This book has 1000 questions put together to help you explore your relationships. All of them are fun but serious questions to answer. It is also the book as reference to give you ideas and hints, for a better relationship you always want to maintain.

Falling in love is easy, but for being responsible with the love requires commitment and some effort sometimes. This book leads you the way how to make it all easy and comfortable to live. The 1000 questions are not like a job interview's questions or for investigation. These all are for fun to answer, and even you can make it more creative such as just leaving a stick with questions or just email your partner with several questions of the book.

The following questions are some ideas taken from the book.
  1. Do you think you would prefer a calm, loving, consistent marriage or one that was full of excitement, wild times and rocky patches?
  2. Which do you think sould have the final say in decisions -logic or emotions? Why?
  3. About what things are you most selfish?
  4. What makes you feel secure and safe?

Why this book is really important for you to read?
Through reading this book you will realize more what your partner really want from you. You will get more tips and aspirations about your relationship and your partner is the most trusted reference to make the marriage life happier.

This book is written by Michael Webb, the author of the best selling books on relationship, for example "The Romantic's Guide." Webb is very popular with many social media, and his reputation deserves your credit.

There are so many ways to make your life happy, and you just don’t know how to make it. Thus, a book like this is much needed, for people sometimes become so selfish, too self-centered and don’t pay enough attention to people around them, though you exactly love them very much.

Even though this is not the book to make your ife successful, this is the book to make you grateful to have a happy family.